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Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria, which can be encountered by different specialists (haematologists, internists, nephrologists, etc.), presents itself in a number of forms. In its most common form it manifests with Coombs-negative acquired haemolytic anaemia. Sometimes PNH clones are found in bone marrow failure and borderline forms are observed. Diagnosis is currently based on flow cytometry (FCM), regardless of presentation.

This website is devoted to this diagnostic approach and is intended for all French-speaking cytometrists interested in PNH. It aims to help us in our work and improve current management based on international guidelines published in 2010 (Borowitz et al.) It serves as a forum within the French Cytometry Association (AFC).

Our thanks to Professor Gérard Socié at St Louis Hospital who, engaged internationally in the management of this disease, has been kind enough to provide here an extract of a vade-mecum he wrote on PNH and distributed by our faithful partner Alexion.

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